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1622 North Franklin Street
Tampa Heights, FL, 33602

(813) 444-2831

Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness is a preventative health care practice offering corrective exercise, sports performance, massage therapy and nutrition services.

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The Only Real Cure For The Health Care Crisis Is Prevention

As a growing number of Americans continue to struggle with obesity, and as a result chronic medical illnesses, we’re reminded nearly every day that physical exercise with healthy lifestyle is regarded as the only real effective method to prevent and treat many of these conditions. Additionally, now with obesity being considered a disability, business owners are faced with a new onset of challenges. The obesity epidemic that attracts so much attention in terms of public health, serves as an additional reason for businesses to pay close attention to ADA and FHA accessibility issues. The statistics are well known and striking.

Physicians, healthcare professionals, insurers and government bodies are all repositioning physical exercise combined with healthy nutrition as the solution to health, wellness and longevity. Businesses are taking every step possible to maximize productivity and reduce healthcare expenses, all while making the best possible health choices for their employees. Healthier vending machines, team building events centered around health education and corporate wellness challenges are just a few of the crucial steps that businesses are embracing. Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness’s CorpFit Florida Project brings together two Central Florida Businesses focused on preventative health services.

Elite Strength and Conditioning and Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness are two successful Central Florida businesses focused on progressive health. Together both businesses join hands to offer Corporate Wellness Services.

Our employee wellness services and corporate health programs are customizable based on the size, scope and needs of your business. We will help analyze your employee needs and then design & implement a comprehensive wellness program through three stages: identification, modification and prevention. By doing so we help each individual to understand their distinctive challenge, how to go about addressing the challenge and how to live apart from that challenge moving forward. 

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