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Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness is a preventative health care practice offering corrective exercise, sports performance, massage therapy and nutrition services.

Micronutrient Testing from SpectraCell Laboratories

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Micronutrient Testing from SpectraCell Laboratories


Micronutrient Testing from SpectraCell Laboratories


I have chosen SpectraCell Laboratories to provide the best diagnostic test(s) available as part of the offerings that I provide for nutrition care management.

SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc. is a CLIA accredited (#45D0710715) clinical laboratory that specializes in micro nutrient testing. SpectraCell conducts their micro nutrient testing via a patented process resulting from 18 years of research at the University of Texas. The micro nutrient tests measure how micro nutrients are actually functioning within a patients’ white blood cells. 

These tests allow for accurate nutritional assessment for a broad variety of clinical conditions. There is overwhelming evidence confirming that nutrient deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune function contributing to the chronic disease process, including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, various immunological disorders, metabolic disorders and micro nutrient deficiencies. 

TBHW will send you to a participating Laboratory, close to you, with a kit to have your blood drawn. No fasting is required for this test. Easy-to-read, comprehensive test results are returned within three weeks. Each report provides a scientific analysis of your nutritional deficiencies.

** Note: If you have health insurance your co-payment will $190.00 vs. the cash price of $350.00. A prescription from a physician will be needed. Please contact TBHW for more information.

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