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Enzymes, pH Balance Levels and Why What We Eat Matters

Dawn Molina

Every part of the human body is built of proteins; enzymes included. Enzyme proteins catalyze all processes in our body. When enzymes don't catalyze properly our body can resort to extreme measures in order to carry out and support natural bodily function. Enzymes are the workhorses of the body. When you eat, enzymes break down the food into tiny particles which can be converted into energy in the body. The process starts in the mouth, where an enzyme called amylase attacks all incoming food particles. Enzymes continue to break down the food all the way to the stomach and intestines.

Enzymes are affected by changes in our pH balance levels. The most favorable pH value, the point where the enzyme is most active, is known as the optimum pH. Extremely high or low pH values generally result in complete loss of activity for most enzymes. pH is also a factor in the stability of enzymes. As with activity, for each enzyme there is also a region of pH optimal stability. The optimum pH value will vary greatly from one enzyme to another. Whenever a substance needs to be transformed into another substance, the body uses its enzymes. Enzymes can cut biological materials into smaller pieces and paste them together again. Enzymes thus break down or build up all life-essential substances within our body.

Our body's pH is greatly affected by what we eat. This is because food consists of it's own biological materials that our body must breakdown, absorb and assimilate. If a food's pH is too high or too low it can greatly affect our body's reaction to absorption. Often our pH levels are so high and in a state of acidosis, that enzymatic digestion must be replaced with a more acidic digestive process. In the short term this may result in acid reflux, inflammation, ulcers, flatulence and more. In the long term, if left uncorrected, high pH levels can result in a number of gastrointestinal disorders and chronic illnesses.

So why is this? Myself and many other food science professionals believe that this is relative to food combining. Food combining confuses Americans. This is because eating any one food, on its own without an accompaniment, in its original state: NEVER HAPPENS. Again, food consists of it's own biological materials that our body must breakdown. If the biological material in the foods we eat are not meant to be combined, our internal chemical reaction will be negative.

Proper food combinations helps digestion and allows the body the ability to break down food more easily. This helps our body to better absorb the nutrients, to properly energize our body and to keep our body free of chronic illness. Improper food combinations continually produce indigestion and poor micro-nutrient absorption, which can internalize as auto-immune deficiency or externalize as an allergic reaction. This is a rampant issue in western culture. Yet instead of addressing our food quality and intake we remain ill or take medication to suppress the results of our poor nutritional choices.

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