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1607 North Marion Street
Tampa, FL, 33602
United States

(813) 513-4248

Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness is a preventative health care practice offering corrective exercise, sports performance, massage therapy and nutrition services.



Learn  more about the experts at Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness and what they can do for you.

Dr. Dawn Ann Molina AP, DOM, MSc Food Science, LMT

Performance is directly influenced by how we live.

Professional: Dawn Molina has been an athlete her entire life. She understands the importance of performance through proper nutrition, conditioning and lifestyle support. Dawn has her MSc in Human Nutrition and Food Science, MSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is presently perusing her PhD. Dawn is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (AP4073), Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA77537).

Personal: Dawn Molina is a Judo Black Belt recognized by USA Judo, International Elite Level Powerlifter recognized by the United States Powerlifting Association and was the 2015 52kg IPL World Champion in Powerlifting. Dawn is a small business owner committed to the urban renewal of Tampa Heights in Downtown Tampa, FL where she both lives and practices. Her philanthropic endeavors include volunteering for the Tampa Heights Community Garden and supporting the TBX initiative. The TBX is a grassroots organization that promotes design and development that emphasize walkability, complete streets, multiple transportation options, and smart mobility so as to provide a balanced, workable system that serves all Hillsborough county residents and reduces our dependence on the automobile.

Partnerships: Through Dawn's involvement, Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness has partnered with Spectra Cell Laboratories to offer patented Micronutrient Testing that will provide those that are interested with the most accurate information about their individual nutritional deficiencies.

"If my patients desire access to detailed reports about optimal wellness, disease prevention, chronic illness prevention and managing the aging process, I have the ability to provide them with scientific proof through the very best tests available today. Then I can design a blueprint to help introduce a better quality of life based on their own physiological needs." - Dr. Dawn Ann Molina

Active Partnerships Include:

Dr. Dawn Ann Molina

AP, DOM, MSc Food Science, LMT

David glazer - lmt apprentice & doctor of chiropractic medicine candidate

David Glazer is currently a Doctor of Chiropractic student at the National University of Health Sciences in Pinellas Park, FL & is a Massage Therapy apprentice with Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness. David graduated from the University of Tampa with a B.S. in Human Performance in 2018 with top honors. David has been an athlete his entire life starting off with karate & earning a second degree black-belt, playing baseball for 10 years, running cross country/track and now currently competing as an elite level powerlifter

My goal as a doctor is to provide well-rounded, thorough and individualized care so I can best improve the lives of my patients in all aspects of their lives. - David Glazer


David Glaze


Stephen rodriguez - structural integration & adaptive contrast o2 expert

Stephen Rodriguez is a co-owner of O2 Performance & Recovery out of Atlanta, GA. Stephen spent just over 16 years serving in the United States Navy and United States Army, 5 of which were spent in special operations training at the USA JFKSWCS, Fort Bragg, NC. Stephen retired special operations suffering from an immense amount of physical pain. By the end of his career Stephen had already underwent two major surgeries to remove two ruptured spinal discs (diskectomy), complete nonunion fracture of femur, two torn rotator cuffs, compund fracture and insertion of metal plate left forearm. Through a lot of searching and the fortune of meeting the right people his goal of being pain free naturally was achieved within a year of retiring. Stephen spent two years in Los Angeles working with LiveO2, a leader in Adaptive Contrast Therapy O2 Technology. Stephen is also an enthusiast of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has found his passion working alongside Dr. Dawn Ann Molina offering Tuina and Pattern of Life Services. Stephen is responsible for O2 therapy, Vibration therapy & Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) cellular exercise at Tampa Bay Holistic Wellness.

Suffering is optional. - Stephen Rodriguez

Stephen Rodriguez

Director of Adjunctive Therapy

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